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My Job Is Making Your Job Easier!

Monthly Mentor Club


Would You Like Simple Step-by-Step Instructions to Boost Your Traffic, Triple Your Conversion Rates,
and Take More Time Off?


Why Is This 22 Year Internet Marketing Veteran Prepared to Mentor and Coach You to Success Online? Where You Can Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life With Your Own Mentor & Coach At a Price Anyone Can Afford…


What would it be worth to you to have step-by-step guidance, support, and advice from your own Internet marketing mentor and a private mastermind group? When your life depends on the outcome, you don’t need another “system” or a pat on the back.


You need hardcore in-the-trenches advice from people who are already doing what you want.  You need friends who are willing to call you out if you’re on the road to disaster.  And you need a mentor who can pinpoint mistakes and turn them around for you today.


Step-By-Step Guidance From Your Own Internet Marketing Mentor


Currently Terry mentor’s one-on-one with clients by email and phone.  But He only take a very limited number of clients so he can give each one the attention they deserve (no more than 20 clients total at one time).


Here’s How to Get Him As Your Mentor PLUS Your Own Mastermind Group At a Fraction of the Cost…Step ONE was for him to create a paper-and-ink newsletter each month where he shares his most valuable breakthroughs as they occur, step-by-step systems his personal clients are using, and even cutting edge interviews with industry experts.


He writes every word.  No outsourced writers and no employees adding fluff. This is the type of information He doesn’t share anywhere else…not in his free email newsletter, not on his blog, and not in his Ebooks. This Heart-To-Heart Mentoring Letter will give you the step-by-step guidance you need to transform your online results.


Monthly Live Group Mentoring Designed to Boost Your Conversion, Answer Your Questions, and Dramatically Increase Your Income


On these monthly group webinars, he’ll review a member’s website, marketing process, or answer their biggest traffic generation questions.


He also developed a system through hundreds of these hot seats that quickly gives you “eagle eyes” to spot where members are sabotaging their own results.   You’ll quickly see after just one or two of these events how you become a master level reviewer yourself.


And because this Club attracts serious players from virtually every market and niche imaginable, they constantly give additional feedback and advice you could never get from just one person alone.


Each one hour webinar works like this.  In the beginning, the attendee and Terry will clarify the website, the market, and the challenges being faced.  Then he opens it up for the attendees to offer their feedback and advice to improve their results.  After this he share’s any additional suggestions he’s prepared.  He also opens up the webinar for anyone else being faced with similar problems or questions when they have time.


Experience a Mastermind Group With Advice and Support On Demand…Available When You Need It With Answers on Tap


This members-only, password protected discussion board provides you with coaching-on-demand without appointments and without commitments.


Use it as much or as little as you like.  Learn from each other as you face similar challenges…challenges many gurus don’t even talk about. Eliminate that feeling of isolation and loneliness from your online business by communicating with like-minded marketers in other niches besides just your own.


And unlike many groups, Terry personally reviews and responds to members almost every business day.  That’s right.  You get his personalized answers and feedback to your questions in addition to the other members.


You Get Immediate Online Access to 39 Hand Selected Back Issues Covering How to Generate Traffic, Create Winning Copy, Email Templates, Overcome Overwhelm, and So Much More


Also Get Immediate Access to 29 Full Length Master Classes in the Video Vault. Additional Step-By-Step Content Has Been Edited, Updated, and Categorized For Delivery To You During Your First 12 Months Membership


You Also Get 10 Incredible Gifts Just For Giving the Monthly Mentor Club a Try, Here’s The List:

  • Gift #1:“Fast Start Profits”
  • Gift #2: Starting From Scratch
  • Gift #3: Adventures in Joint Ventures
  • Gift #4: Wholesale Banner Advertising
  • Gift #5 : Remote Control Selling Secrets
  • Gift #6: Grow Your Customer and Prospect Lists 4 to 7 Times Faster
  • Gift #7: Sell More Without Hype, Gimmicks, or Exaggeration
  • Gift #8: 7 Practical Ways to Earn More By Working Less
  • Gift #9: Create Your Own Highly Profitable Info Product in 2 Hours or Less
  • Gift #10: “The Thousand Dollar Marketing Makeover Guide”


You Get a FULL 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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