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Have You Had Your Ah-Ha Moment Yet

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Use The Force Luke, Focus…FOCUS


If you’re not Focused on some direction to get you where you want to be, then you’re right on track, to No-Where!  Because a river’s current will take you where IT wants to take you, but your goal is Upstream, not downstream with the dead driftwood, and FOCUS gives you direction.


One of the best things I can offer, is to tell you to discover what your Natural Talents are, and develop them. Then you can Focus on a direction that betters your life, by enjoying doing what you enjoy doing, everyday.


How do you discover what your Natural Talents are? When does that Ah-Ha Light turn on and you suddenly know what areas to develop in your life?


Well one way is to have a way to pull those out from within you, have them all laid out in front of you, to see them in ways you didn’t before. Then have them arranged into Focused sentences so you can immediately come back with a knock-out punch that describes your Natural Abilities to someone who asks you what your best at, without having to dig them up at the last minute, and never really have an impact.


Having that ability to describe yourself to someone, and with confidence, tells them you know your strengths, and have focus on the directions you’re taking.


Confidence sells. Someone can tell when you know what you’re talking about. In an interview, you have to sell yourself. You’re creating a Joint-Venture between yourself and that company. You’re merging your abilities with their abilities. Think of interviewing for a job as a Joint-Venture.


You’re considering if you want to merge with that company. They have to sell you their part in making this venture a profitable one. Do you want to spend your days, months, years with a company that is not going to benefit you?


Knowing your Strength’s will help you find the right company. Knowing your direction will give you confidence in that interview, you don’t want to appear desperate. You may BE desperate, but you don’t want to APPEAR desperate, and Confidence is the Deodorant for Desperation.


So, this all boils down to Discovering Your Natural Talents and Abilities. How do you do that?


Simple. I did it for myself, and I developed a way that anyone can do it, Guaranteed! I even created an Excel tool to help you find a HUGE number of sentences, using your own words, which means your description of yourself, is developed from yourself, not some pre-determined box you have to fit in.


Want to know how this is done? Contact me and ask about Discovering Your Own Natural Talents.



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