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Ultimate Guide To Funnel Optimization – Part 2

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Terry Dean’s Monthly Mentor Club Highlights


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Terry Dean’s focus this month is on Understanding The Marketing Funnel, and How To Improve Yours. See below some of the Top Tips I learned from this month’s newsletter he sends to his members.


We Learned From Part 1 of Funnel Basics That The basic function of a Funnel is a device, a tool, to capture a large volume and re-direct it towards a desired location.


Six Sigma is an analyzing process for solving problems. There are 5 basic phases for this: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control, referred to as DMAIC.


Data is required to study a problem in order to solve a problem.


You need to be collecting data from your Funnel efforts to learn how to solve your Marketing problems. If you’re not collecting data, you dont know where you’re at. If you don’t know where you’re at, you won’t know if you’ve improved, and if you’re not improving, you’re probably going in the opposite direction.


The 3 phases used most in Six Sigma are Measure, Analyze, Improve. This becomes a cycle that identifies if steps you’re taking are successful.


The different phases of your funnel need to be measured, analyzed, and improved. Without tracking your progress, you’re basically driftwood just going with the flow. You want to be controlling the flow, you want to BE the flow, to focus your visitors toward that Buy Button.


How much money are you leaving on the Order Form table? Can you offer any upsells while they have their credit card in hand buying your initial offer?


Since they trusted you enough to buy item A, and item B compliments item A directly, why not offer item B now that all their information has been entered on your purchase form?


You know how well the two work together, you just need to explain it in simple terms and provide a simple check box to add the second item at Check-out.


One thing about Terry’s Monthly Mentor Newsletters, they are so packed with Tips and Suggestions he’s given his own clients, that you’ll have a HUGE list to select from to improve your own sales process, whether its Products or Services, you’ll find Benefits and Value in each of his monthly writings.


This was Volume 2 of his Funnel Optimizing methods, packed with so many ideas that it wouldn’t all fit in just one volume. Two months packed full of Tips and Benefits you can draw from to improve your Funnel.


WHAT? You don’t have a Funnel yet? Well this is the perfect time to start one now that you have all this information to pull from. You’re not going to find Value like this for pennies on the dollar for his Monthly Mentor Newsletter anywhere else.


What You Can Learn From Terry’s Monthly Newsletters


Below is a short list of some of the issues you may face. You will get the full list for his 19-page newsletter by subscribing, and get the answers inside his July 2018 newsletter:


  • How To Optimize Your Auto-Responders
  • Where to Add Your Upsells
  • Terry’s Big List of Shopping Cart Tips
  • What Sells Best As Upsells
  • How to Propose Larger Price Offers
  • 5 Examples for Offers as Your First Upsell
  • Where To Offer Your Upsell
  • Huge List of Upsell Ideas
  • Second Upsell Tips
  • Email Principles to Follow For Higher End Products
  • Using Videos in Your Auto-Responders
  • Whats An Average Time for B2B To Make Buying Decisions
  • Ways to Keep Subscribers Interested For Long Term
  • Optimizing Your Follow-Up Emails
  • Auto-Responders or Broadcasting?
  • Segmenting Your Email List
  • The Real Money Is In Your _______ List
  • The Best Way To Get Your Subscribers To Read Your Offers
  • Improving Your Open Percentage
  • Retargeting Methods


You Can Join Terry’s Monthly Mentor Club here.


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