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My Job Is Making Your Job Easier!

60 Minute Copy Cure


The Lazy Person’s Way To Gifted Sales Copy…
Even If You Haven’t Written Since High School!


Learning how to craft enticing content your customers, clients or patients will be POWERLESS to resist. It is the most effective way to get a RUSH of new customers, generate a massive surge in sales and make MAXIMUM PROFITS in record time.


Imagine this…Terry Dean and Doberman Dan’s proprietary new “fill-in-the-blank” instant sales copy system…two of the most successful grizzled veteran copywriters/online marketers working in the trenches today. With a combined experience of 44 years creating high-converting, moneymaking sales copy.

Terry Dean went from delivering pizzas to creating a multi-million dollar online business.

Doberman Dan is an entrepreneur for 30+ years and an A-list copywriter for more than 2 decades.

Almost Everything You’ve Heard About Copywriting is WRONG!  Secrets about to be revealed are something the BIG copywriters don’t want you to know. I’m talking about all the “hired gun” copywriters who make their living writing sales copy for clients. They’re going to be madder than a bunch of wet hornets when they see what’s about to revealed to you.


The Copy Has Already Been Written For You,
And Proven In A Slew Of Different Markets!


By two of the most successful grizzled veteran copywriters/online marketers working in the trenches today, with a combined experience of 44 years creating sales copy, and You can do it too by creating all of your advertising and sales copy yourself. AND do it far better than almost anyone you could ever hire.


Adapting and applying these secrets to an existing, struggling and “on life support” businesses at the time helped it grow sales 1,407% in only 5 months! It  was an amazing “Before and After” picture.


You may make an above average income… but you have no life, and no guarantee an income will continue with todays market of layoffs, several times over. Your online efforts are an all-consuming mistress. And you’re not the only one who pays the price. It takes a HUGE toll on your family, too.


If you’re already in a business but your business isn’t producing the income you desire… and is growing slower than you want… what I’m about to share with you is the solution for all that. Because what you’re about to discover is the final piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing. The master key to growing your business (and your income) as fast — and as BIG — as you desire.


“The 60-Minute Copy Cure!”


It’s a shortcut to creating cash generating sales copy… FAST!  You see, this isn’t just regular copywriting, it is so powerful… and so effective… it almost FORCES people to buy what you’re selling.


(To be 100% transparent, this was NOT a copywriting client gig. It was a print ad for one of their own businesses. And in every magazine and newspaper where it ran… in EVERY insertion… it brought in a 3-to-1 and as much as a 6-to-1 return on investment. For three straight years… with not so much as one single comma changed during that time.)


Almost every day people are asking them about how to get good at copywriting. The only solutions they’ve been able to offer in the past involved spending months or YEARS writing out successful copy by hand. And paying your dues for years on end. Writing copy, “running it up the flagpole” and watching it bomb 9 times out of 10.


And… they’ve never seen ANYBODY reveal it. (Probably because very, very few are able to understand the science and psychology behind it.) They are using some new stuff discovered about brain and nervous system biology (and a few other tricks up their sleeves) that will let you “upload” their copywriting abilities into your brain. However… it gets even better…


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