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What if you had an experienced sales staff working 24/7 staying in contact with your visitors, turning visitors into interested shoppers, shoppers into buyers, and buyers into buying more, each time you come out with something new.


What Would That Be Worth To You?



That’s what you can experience with this proven autoresponder email formula.

You don’t have to hire the experienced sales staff working 24/7.

You’ve already lived the downside of this, Low sales, no sales, slow traffic.

If they do come, it’s a 1-time visit, then they’re gone forever. No chance to make them an offer they can’t refuse, they didn’t even leave a calling card.

Here’s the secret, a simple step-by-step process that encourages them to want to give you their email, because you’re going to give them something so valuable, they’ll pay for it with their email address.

But then you must prove to them you’re worth hearing from again, so they won’t un-subscribe once they get your offer. You must prove you’re a resource so valuable they’ll stay subscribed to your list.


Email has been a proven, most economical way to stay in contact with people, interested in your products and services.

And regular contact with someone builds a bond that can last for years.


You Would Rather Buy From a Friend Than a Stranger, Right?


Whether your business is a non-profit, or for-profit, and you have products or services, it’s easier to succeed at your goals if you have an existing growing list of followers.

You don’t want to try to create a list at the very moment you have need.

Sales, service or support from followers can keep your business working easier if you have regular contact with your list of members.

Regular contact to a group is easiest done with an Autoresponder system.

Most people don’t even know what an autoresponder is. When they signed up with you, they get an almost instant email welcoming them.

They will think you are so pleased they signed up, that you wrote them right back. You could be on vacation somewhere, now you can let your autoresponders do the work at the beginning.

Also staying in touch with them regularly builds trust.


What Is An Autoresponder?


An autoresponder is a tool that allows you to stay in contact with a group of people through automated email sending. It allows someone to sign-up through a form you provide.

It then adds their name to a group with other people of common interest that also signed up, based on something you offered to get them to join your email list.

Once they are in your list, a series of emails you have pre-written will be sent them in an order and timing that you have pre-determined.

Everyone starts with the first welcome or thank you autoresponder email.

In one week when someone else joins, they start with the first one also. In one year when someone’s else joins, they also start with the first one.

It’s not like TV where someone may start a series in the middle, everyone starts with the first one of that series.

Your job is to create interesting enough, curiosity driven, bonus packed helpful information to keep them from unsubscribing, and grow your list of members.

For a profit driven business to succeed, it must make a profit.

Autoresponders for a profit driven business are there to help you make a profit.

One of the ways to make a profit, is staying in regular contact with your list of members.


Why Most Businesses Don’t Use Autoresponders


First reason is they don’t even know what an Autoresponder is, or the Benefits!

  • It seems so difficult to be creative enough to write all those emails.
  • I cannot come up with new ideas that often to write about.
  • I don’t have time to sit down and write each person that joins my list.
  • I procrastinate and forget to write.
  • I’m too busy, I have business trips, vacation a lot, I’m gone too much.
  • I cannot write my way out of a paper bag; I don’t have the skills.

This is how you can overcome all those excuses.

By using this template based, model driven, already half written method, to make things go smoother.

This package offers 80 templates to choose from, but not limited to only 80 ways.

Autoresponder systems are designed where you write it once, and you’re done. Then they are automatically sent.

Autoresponders are sent instantly when someone joins, procrastinating days are gone.

Autoresponders are automatic, you don’t have to be there to respond to the new members.

Existing members automatically get emails you have pre-written.


**SPECIAL OFFER: This Page Contains a Bonus Offer At The Bottom, Only Found Here. It Works Directly with Terry Dean’s Autoresponder Alchemy Package Also Offered here. The Bonus is FREE, But Only When the Autoresponder Alchemy Package is Purchased Thru This Site**


Going Beyond Your Own Products and Services, Start Your Own Email Writing Done-For-You Service


Once you have learned this template based / model driven autoresponder package, you may find it simple and successful enough to expand out and start your own email autoresponder writing business, making other people successful with autoresponders.

Writing long-term email series ( a year or more ) can be a profitable business, and that’s just for one client.

Developing your writing skills with this autoresponder package can demand a high fee per email or series of emails, up to and above $500 per email, and about $5,000 for a series of 10 emails.

This won’t be your starting fee of course, but you can develop skills to get there.

After all, a business is in business to make a profit. What company would turn down an offer to grow their business and profit by someone who knows how to write enticing, sales-oriented emails, driving traffic to their sales pages.

A company’s autoresponder list can keep growing once the autoresponder system is in place, meaning continued profits.

That’s why I also developed a list called ’25 Benefits of Autoresponders’, and the list keeps growing. (see below)

You can use this to help explain to prospects about your services.

Most businesses don’t even know what an autoresponder is, or the purpose, or its benefits.

Once they learn its benefits, why would any business not want this? Since you were the one who taught them why, then you just gained a new client to write their autoresponder packages.

Returning your investment in this purchased multiple times over. You can create your own future online.


Overwhelming Proof That Emails Increase Profits


Terry Dean, creator of this Autoresponder Alchemy package, talks about a third-party study proving that emails increased profits in 2018.

The facts show in the third quarter of 2018, that 58% of total email clicks occurred on mobile phones and tablets.

Unique open rates had a slight increase, unique click rates rose, and total transaction rates increased.

Terry’s Autoresponder Alchemy compared to other autoresponder packages in price is a fraction of the cost. (the others being upwards to $2,000)

The secret to Autoresponder Alchemy is that it applies ‘Observational Learning’ or ‘Modeling’, meaning creating something by observing something.

Experiments observed by Dr. Albert Bandura back in 1961 showed children imitated adults when they observed the adults doing something. This ‘Learn by Observing’ practice is applied in Terry’s autoresponder package, where Terry teaches by example, encouraging you to model after his skills, not just cut-and-paste.

Once you observe his ways, you can develop your own skills and expand, instead of being limited to just templates.

Learning something new always has a learning curve but developing skills through templates/models can make that learning curve smoother and quicker.

Develop your skills using these 80 email models that are proven to generate sales.

People buy more from a trusted source. You need to become that trusted source of your market niche. The more you study your market, the more you’ll be known as a trusted advisor.

If you only copy-and-paste, you limit your growth in your niche, but when you study and apply these video lessons and practice what Terry teaches, the modeling becomes part of your natural thinking.

Every email model can be applied differently, so your unlimited on how many versions you can write.

You can develop your skills and start your own email writing service, because you can adapt any of the 80 email models to fit any market.


Just a Few Samples of the 80 Templates That Await You


  • How to sell higher ticket products and services
  • Hidden persuasive secrets behind normal everyday stories
  • Funny ‘COW’ story that people still remember 10 years later
  • Create a surge of new orders by offering answers to the strongest objections in your market
  • How to share stories that bypass the mind and bond your emotions with the hearts of your readers.
  • How to send affiliate links to your subscribers and have them thank you.

You’re getting dozens of tested and proven email templates to use and generate sales and profit in any market, at any time, in any situation.


Here is the List of Everything You’ll Get:

  • All 80 proven email templates
  • Six modules of video training, each video is approximately 12 minutes and there’s an average of 10 videos and each module.
  • You can download all the MP3s for each video and listen on the go.
  • Act now and get 2 additional free modules worth $99 each.
  • A 30-day Full Money Back Guarantee.



Additional Bonuses, Only Found Here

Bonus #1


Why Spend So Much Time Looking For What You’re Looking For?


If you are like me, I need to go back and review the training often, to get as much out of the training as possible.

Maybe it’s because Terry’s videos are so packed with helpful material, and since he gives step-by-step training, I feel I can’t lose if I follow each one.

I will go back and review if I missed any steps. I don’t want to leave anything on the table.

I turned my training research into a ‘Quick Reference Guide’ after I took notes and followed along. I list all the handouts that go with each of the eight modules. I list the highlights I learned from each video series.

Also, I asked myself “What did I take away from that module, what was Terry mainly trying to get across to me?” and added that to this Quick Reference Guide.

The reason this was important to me, is was because I wanted to find the important tips in finding how to create my Avatar.

What’s an Avatar you ask? This is the marketing way on how to speak directly to your market. Terry cover’s this in detail in his training since it’s so important.

Quickly knowing the main topic of a module let’s you get back to business, rather than spending valuable time looking for it.


14 Pages of Quick Reference Searchable Notes


Take-away notes of each module for a Birds-Eye view.

This won’t take the place of Terry’s training, it’s only meant to assist in finding where he taught on a subject, and notes taken to highlight important tips.

Study Terry’s videos, learn how to model, and since you’ll keep coming back to his training as reference to learn, you’ll need a quick reference guide to find what you need in my searchable PDF bonus so you can jump right to which module and which video to find and refresh what you need to know quickly.

You’ll need at least 30 days to watch the videos and read Terry’s handouts and take the exercises.

By this time, you’ll need this quick reference guide. After 30 days of learning through Terry’s training, I’ll send you this 14-page searchable PDF guide.

Instead of spending time looking for what you want, find what you want faster, so you can get back to applying what you found and get ‘er done.

It will also be helpful as a refresher guide six months or a year when you come back to find things you forgot. This will help you apply the material faster.

Get started now to learn more how autoresponders can improve your own business, and how you can improve other people’s business too.


Bonus #2

Workflow Review Tool


Benefits of what this One-of-a-Kind Tool offers:

  • Birds-eye view of Promises Made
  • Let’s you see which Templates you use most, where you feel your strengths are
  • Quick-Check if you follow thru on ‘Next week I’ll explain about…”
  • Did I follow through on Last weeks promise to cover….
  • Does my subject line Repeat or sound too common?
  • Is there a Benefit and Curiosity
  • How far back did I cover subject ‘X’?
  • In Writing a group of emails, is your mind on Content of a single current tone? This lets you step back and see if they flow or jump around.
  • Use it as-you-go creating multiple email Autoresponders to not overlook critical oversights.
  • You may not always know what your next email will be about, and forget to list it in the current email, but you just failed the ‘Tease’ effect, your cliff-hanger. This prevents that error.
  • Great for beginners to use as a reminder who haven’t got used to good-habits taught in Terry’s training.
  • Good for non-beginners who have slippped out of good-habits or forgotten them.
  • Excellent Birds-eye view to see how your flow of emails relate to each other.
  • Accurately announce to your readers what you’ll be talking about weeks in advance.


The Bonuses Offer is Separate from the 25 Benefits Gift, No Form is Required for the Bonus Offers.


To learn more about Autoresponders, simply enter your name and valid email in the form and I’ll send you the list of ‘25 Benefits of Autoresponders’.


It will help explain and convince possible clients why they need your services.

Check your email soon for a link to download your FREE copy of the ’25 Benefits of Autoresponders’, along with some tips I’ll be sending you of how to use autoresponders to your benefit.

This Quick Reference Guide is not offered through, or endorsed by Terry Dean, but is only meant to assist you with his training to find faster what he taught, help remind you of the main focus for each week, and get back to developing your writing so you won’t spend so much time just looking for what you’re looking for.