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My Job Is Making Your Job Easier!

Autoresponder Alchemy Models

Your Profits Can Multiply in a Week or Less in Any Market by ‘Modeling’ A Proven Collection of Million Dollar Emails


Little Known Scientific Discovery Actually Programs the Ability To Create Profitable Emails ‘At Will’ Directly Into Your Subconscious. And You Can Get Results Your Very First Week! 


What if you had a full-time team of sales people relentlessly visiting, following up on your prospects, and making profits for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?


You must position yourself as the most trusted and most profitable adviser in your industry.


Terry Dean’s last job was in 1996 delivering Pizza’s for $8 an hour. Over $50,000 in debt, and had creditors calling at all hours, heading fast towards bankruptcy. In desperation, he searched for a way out.


Autoresponder Alchemy To The Rescue


When he first heard about the Internet, he felt hopeless, but it was his Last hope. If this didn’t work, it was over. He invested in his first PC on his last credit card.


Terry went full-time in just a couple of months. Within 6 months his monthly income was growing right alongside his email list. Each new subscriber was more than just a number.  They were a real person receiving and exchanging value with him from anywhere in the world.


If you get visitors to a website, you only get one chance. If you get them on a list, you have multiple opportunities to make a connection with them. You help them, provide advice, and earn their trust.


All he did was send emails using a special formula, post links to his websites and affiliate products, and customers purchased. They finally got ahead. Their debts were paid off. The Internet Lifestyle was born.


Email is Even More Valuable
in Crowded Marketplaces


How many marketing messages do your prospects sift through every day?  How can you be unforgettable in a world filled wall-to-wall with advertising?


Content alone will NEVER break through the “marketing shields” your future customers set up just to survive the world today. Instead, you must become their most trusted adviser.


It wasn’t until recently that Terry discovered where his previous teachings had failed. The way he’d been teaching others is NOT how he personally started. He had started by modeling those who were already successful.


There wasn’t anyone using his formula in email, but there were giants in direct response marketing.


Terry hunted down everything by the lead copywriters. He collected all their old letters.  He copied those letters out by hand dozens of times as he slowly reverse engineered what they said to persuade people with the written word.


Terry modeled their approach the hard way. And it paid off. It’s about modeling not just the sentences on the page, but the ‘hidden persuasion’ behind every word.


Other Email Courses Have This Same Fatal Flaw


It only takes one or two new tips to pay for the course, because email has a multiplying effect on everything else (this includes search engines, paid advertising, Facebook, video, and anything else you may be doing online).


But none of the courses he learned from had taken advantage of the secret he’s about to share with you.


It started way back in 1961. Dr. Albert Bandura did his first Bobo doll study. In these experiments he had children watch as an adult interacted with the doll. Some adults were passive while others were physically and verbally aggressive with the doll. Children were then given access to the doll. No reinforcement, rewards, or punishments were given.


What’s most significant from Dr. Bandura’s multiple studies is the behavior was learned after only ONE VIEWING. He coined the term “observational learning” or modeling. Modeling is not copying.


Train Your Subconscious By Modeling His Personal Collection of 80 Emails That Are Already Proven to Generate Sales


You get 80 of his personal emails. Plus Terry ripped each of them to shreds and TEMPLATED them for you. Each template explains the hidden psychology behind the email, and is ready for you to fill-in-the-blanks.


If you hire him to write your emails for you, they will be worth every penny. But if you just MODEL the templates he’s handing you today, you can virtually create your own future online.

  • Module 1 – Model Million Dollar Emails
  • Module 2 – Hidden Reason Why Prospects BUY
  • Module 3 – Email ‘Super Hero’ Method
  • Module 4 – 30 Minute Emails
  • Module 5 – Money-On-Demand Offers
  • Module 6 – Advanced Email Strategies


Each Module Comes With Easy-to-Use Bonus Cheat Sheets and Email Exercises You Can Put Into Practice Immediately, Plus If You Act Now, You Receive 2 Additional FREE Bonuses.


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