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My Job Is Making Your Job Easier!

Blank Microsoft Word


How to Break Through Writer’s Block, Go from “Zero-to-Sixty” in 10 Seconds, and Create Compelling Sales Copy Every Single Day


If You Need To Create Compelling Copy, On A Consistent Basis,
and You Need To Do It As Quickly and Efficiently As Possible,
Then Don’t Let This Slip Thru Your Fingers.


If you’ve ever received any of Perry’s emails, then you know how capturing his words can be.


I’ve sat down for a few hours and went thru many of the emails he’s sent me. Tried to find something in common in each of them. What made them so attracting? Why did I look forward to each and everyone of them.


Heck, I even answered one of his surveys and said I wanted more contact from him, which meant more emails, but that’s just Perry’s ability, which I wanted to learn.


Sure there’s natural talent, but there’s also learned talent. Why not learn from someone who’s proven record speaks volumes. After staying in contact thru Perry’s letters, you recognize there’s a talent you just want to be a part of.


Fresh, Hot Email Delivered Straight to Your Brain in 30 Minutes or Less


Perry once overheard a copywriter say, “I can either write you a great email in 3 hours…or I can write you a mediocre email in 20 minutes…do you want it good or do you want it fast?”


Perry’s been doing both for over ten years. With thousands hanging on every word. Even on days when he woke up in the morning with his brain feeling like sludge.


And you can do both. And you don’t have to hire a $500 per hour copywriter to get it done.


He’ll show you how.


How To Hit The Keyboard Brimming With Inspiration.


This is for you if you have any of these symptoms…

  • Do you need to consistently craft compelling emails, blog posts, or Facebook updates?
  • Do you sometimes hold your nose and press “send” on half-baked emails and mediocre posts because “I couldn’t come up with anything interesting to say”?
  • Do you feel like a hypocrite because you haven’t solved all your own problems yet, let alone anyone else’s?


If you answered yes to any of those, this will be worth your investment hundreds of times over.


But staring at a blank Microsoft Word screen is not the way to get it done, and cursing at the cursor wont help either.


Perry’s been doing this long enough he’s developed a system, which has reduced his ‘idea’ time down to less than 5% of his total writing time.


He can still pump out compelling copy day after day after day…and only spend’s 20-30 minutes on each email. Most of that is editing.


Perry’s taught many marketers how to email with power. Hundreds have been through his $1500 Autoresponder Boot Camp. His “Look over Perry’s Shoulder” email writing webinar was one of the most successful webinars he’d ever done.


But this is something unique. This is something he’s never talked about in any of those programs.


In this training, he’ll reveal his email writing “secret spices”…

  • The “rituals” he use’s to hit the ground running…do this and you’ll never waste time waiting for the fickle “muse” to show up ever again.
  • The techniques he use’s to trick his mind into switching from “thinking mode” into writing mode…you probably think these are the same mode…they are NOT.
  • How to continuously fill your idea tank…why he never runs out of ideas
  • How he crafts compelling copy on “auto-pilot”…even when he doesn’t feel like it…works even when he’s ill, feeling low, or pressed for time.
  • His personal speedwriting secrets…if these don’t cut your writing time in HALF or more, you’re not paying attention.


Just getting ONE idea that helps you write ONE winning email, ONE tactic that shaves 5 minutes off your daily ritual – this will pay for itself 100x over.


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