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My Job Is Making Your Job Easier!

Bonus Offer


My Retirement Pay Won’t Even Cover The Basic’s,
and We May Not Be Able To Keep Our Home


Does This Sound All Too Familiar To You?


I needed to start some kind of Internet business working from home since more people seem to be shopping online now, but I didn’t even know where to start.


I didn’t know what to do, what NOT to do, how to find good teachers, or even in what order to do it.


I’m too young to retire, too old to have hopes of an employer considering me for long-term, and I didn’t want to be forced into looking for work if my employer decides to cut back. So creating my own income source now rather than later, is my best option.


Finding A Work From Home Income Source Quickly


Not long ago I found a short-list of online mentors that could back their words with proof of successful followers that had put their online training to practice.


A couple of those, Terry Dean and Glenn Livingston, got together and created a training called ‘Starting From Scratch?‘.


While I felt this was a perfect match for me, because that’s where I was, at scratch, wanting to work from home and needed some expert guidance.


Their years of experience and successfully training people to work from home with proven methods to research a market, develop winning content for a website, and grow a list of followers showed me this was worth looking into.


When the two got together, it was like ‘Iron Sharpening Iron’. They shared what they would do if they had to start over from scratch, showing also what they would not do that caused some failures in their past, so I would not have to repeat those. It was easy to see this was worth learning more about.


Picture this. Having some training from Pro’s that show how to start over from scratch, including an audio of their brainstorming, so you could listen to it on the go anywhere. It also included a transcript so I could print it out and mark it up with notes. Then that teaching was put into a newsletter with tips beyond the recording to enhance the training.


Then Terry Dean developed a 30-day step-by-step, day-by-day detailed guide that complemented the Starting From Scratch training. A work from home process so easy to follow, it could be done by almost anyone who could fog a mirror.


What Could This Mean To You?


It would save you days, months, if not years of research time, tons of money not wasted on the efforts that would not work, and get you closer to your online ‘work from home’ dream, right?


Wouldn’t it be great if someone merged these two great online training tools and created a Checklist, so you could have a quick reference guide to follow and not miss a step.


On top of that, provide page references to where all those great tips are found in Terry’s Newsletters are found so you don’t even have to hunt for that. You can go right to the pages where these golden nuggets are found. Saving you even more time.


And what if they made you an offer you couldn’t resist. You just absolutely could not pass up grabbing this offer right now.


Well Someone Has, and That Someone Is Me, David Reynolds.


With permission directly from Terry Dean, I can offer this checklist, quick reference guide, that directly follows both his Starting Over From Scratch, and 30 Days To Profits, so you can check off the steps defined by both Terry and Glenn in the newsletter, audio, or transcripts, so you won’t overlook any important steps.


Plus It’s Only Found Here, & At An Irresistible Price


This checklist highlights all the meat from their training, so you can quickly find the details in their material to make sure you apply it correctly.


My quick reference guide is not meant to be a stand-alone training. It highlights major points they make so you can have a checklist guide to track your progress.


It’s 5-pages of checklist format in searchable PDF. Seven categories to know ‘where in the process you’re at’ so you won’t miss any steps they cover.


These include:

  • Research
  • Copywriting and Content
  • Creating an Internet Radio Show
  • Auto Responders – Building One For Traffic
  • Traffic and Leads
  • Auto Responders – How To Follow-up
  • Starting Your Own Products or Service


Here’s just a small sample of the 5-page checklist with cross references to both newsletters PACKED with helpful tips for your success:


Each category is filled with their training in the same orderly manner so you won’t be doing XYZ, when you should be at ABC.


The same valuable tips and techniques they cover, all listed in a checklist format to highlight important methods so you won’t miss a step.


Its almost like Terry and Glenn is right there with you to ‘Point Out Important Steps You Missed’, or letting you know ‘You’re Right On Track’.


I offer Free Lifetime Updates so you’ll always have the latest.


Providing helpful step-by-step, quick-reference guides to make a process easier for you to follow and eliminate questions that stall your success by making an easy flow plan. It’s just part of what I enjoy doing, it’s my job.


My Job Is Making Your Job Easier.


Do you have a deadline coming up fast (retirement, creating a new site for someone else…) or could use a fast step-by-step guide to get you there quicker and easier?


How much time have you already wasted relying ONLY on your knowledge of Internet Marketing?


How much longer will you wait to learn from experienced, proven mentors like Terry Dean and Glenn Livingston to not repeat their mistakes they show you they made, and gain from their success?


How much would this quick reference guide, step-by-step checklist be worth to you that helps you stay on track, not miss any important steps, and serve as a refresher guide for future projects?


This could even help you start your own business to quickly develop sites for other people at Premium Rates since you can prove you know the process.


What if I told you when you join Terry Dean’s Monthly Mentor Club (where these two trainings are found, the ‘Starting From Scratch’ and the ’30 Days To Profits’ are found), and join it through this link, that I’ll send you this Checklist AT NO COST.


That’s right, $0, zilch, nada, and the only place you can find this offer is here.


This checklist is so valuable, saving you time and money, I may charge for it later because of its value, but for now, it’s a gift when you join Terry’s Monthly Mentor Club through this site.


So what else is in Terry Dean’s Monthly Mentor Club?

  • Recent Newsletters – ones already sent you
  • Free Gifts – Entrepreneurship Training, Including ‘Starting From Scratch’
  • Report Library – Huge list of helpful tools, Including ’30 Days to Profits’
  • Video Library – Another Huge list, including past Webinar recordings
  • Monthly Modules – Collections of Strategies and Tips, 1 new each month
  • Webinars – Upcoming Dates and Past Recordings
  • Mastermind – Forum where questions are asked and answered


These two teachings, Starting From Scratch, and his ’30 Days to Profits’, are only two of the tons of training found inside Terry’s Monthly Mentor Club. Members have 24/7 access, and new modules are added monthly. All the recordings of the monthly webinars are saved inside the club for viewing at any time.


When you join through links on this page I will receive a notice, but Please contact me here and let me know your name, valid e-mail, and join date, so I can do a cross reference of new members who joined through this site, and get your ‘Thank You’ Gift of the Quick-Reference Checklist guide to you.


Most importantly is your e-mail address, so I can send the checklist to you. Without a valid e-mail I can’t send it to you. If you don’t receive it after one week, feel welcome to re-request it here from me in case a typo was made, or what I sent you was redirected to your spam box.


This checklist can only be given to those who joined through links on this page. I can’t give access to this great guide to your non-member competition, right?


I Highly recommend you get started Today learning from Terry Dean’s Monthly Mentor Club.