BullsEye Keyword Research, Any Market, Any Niche, Any Time.
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BullsEye Keyword Research







Successfully select the best keywords and gain market respect using strategic skills by the numbers.

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Target any market, any niche, any time.

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Any Market, Any Niche, Any Time

At the end of my course, students will be able to:

  • Select the best keywords for any market, any niche, any time using Google’s Keyword Planner
  • Provide a professional service getting BullsEye Keywords for markets
  • Discover how to develop focused content 


Who should take this course? Who should not?

  • Professionals who want to provide a service needed by marketing companies
  • Anyone tired of guessing which keywords will work
  • Affiliate Marketers wanting to quickly understand any market before getting into it
  • Bloggers who want to provide authority content to their subscribers


What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • This research used Google Keyword Planner for most of its research, you will need a Google account to access its Keyword Planner
  • This research uses Microsoft Excel to crunch the numbers obtained from downloads of the Google Keyword Planner
  • This is not a quick get rich scheme, but a process that takes time to develop, but saves time and money from improper research and wasted spend


This is a Highly Focused training method very similar to Dr. Glenn Livingston’s teaching in the Hyper-Responsive Marketing Course. Dr. Livingston’s method (used here) allows you to research keywords without any third party software, just Google’s Keyword Planner and Microsoft Excel, to draw from Google’s huge database of keyword data.

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This process is called the BullsEye Keyword Research that finds the Best Keywords and Supporting Keywords for Any Market of your choice, because the data already exists, and I’ll show you how to extract it from the Google Keyword Planner and massage it using Microsoft Excel formulas so you can confidently accept any offer to find those terms.

Look-over-my-shoulder and watch me do this ‘Live’, (so to speak). This is an Actual Working Example to show how this process works. I take you step-by-step thru what’s required to use this tool.

This course DOES NOT teach Pay Per Click, but it DOES teach market research to find market intelligence to find which keywords are the best to use for any market, any niche, any time. Using the Google Keyword Planner and some Excel formulas, we will learn how to tell the difference between successful keywords and ones that have failure written all over them.

How can I make this claim? Because I teach you how to use existing data developed by users spending millions of dollars everyday, controlled by professionals who already understand the market.

Handouts with step-by-step guidelines will hold your hand thru the whole process. Graphic handouts like flowcharts and written steps that breakdown the process so that anyone will be able to repeat this success over and over.

Download the Excel files I’ve provided and follow the steps I teach, or just sit back and take notes to fully understand how you can attack any market of your choosing, or accept any project offered you by companies that need this done for them.

No expensive tools to buy, no third party software that takes months to learn. If you have Microsoft Excel and have or will open a free Google account, you can learn this process.

If you are into Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Article Marketing, Search Engine Optimizing, Landing Page creation, Sales Page development, or Direct Mail Marketing, you will find this one of the Best tools you can have in your toolbox, either for online or off.

This professional research method takes some time to develop, but is well worth the time and will save tons of money by not having to pay the ‘stupid tax‘ that’s forced on you by any of the pay per click services that can’t guide you into selecting the right keywords for your market, because they’re in it to make money for themselves, not you. They’ll throw keyword suggestions at you, and if you don’t know better, you’re bidding on keywords that hardly anyone uses, and will spend half your budget before you catch on.

Learn ahead of time and on your own terms which keywords will work best for your application. You won’t spend a dime on software or services that charge you monthly. The keywords that prove to be the Winners, are proven by the numbers, not guessing.

You can repeat this process over and over and over. There are no limits to what markets you can research. You’ll be able to forecast a budget to know ahead of spend, if you or the company that hires you can afford it until your marketing efforts using these keywords become successful.

Become a member and have Lifetime access to review the steps anytime you wish. Click here to Start Discovering BullsEye Keyword Research, and more.