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Freedom Business Blueprint

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Can You Describe Your Entrepreneur Lifestyle
To A 10-Year Old,

And Will They Understand It?


The more important we try to sound, the more confused looks there are on peoples faces. The simpler we make it, the easier it is for others to understand. If a 10-year old can understand, then most anyone can too.


So do you really know all the steps to make your business lifestyle work, or are you just as confused?


There are many references to what an Entrepreneur is. A basic one is that its an attitude, a way of thinking and acting. A trail blazer instead of a path follower. Having the curiosity to want to know more, finding ways to make things work better, new ways, not just ways that have been done before. Finding ways to help others, benefit someone other than yourself, adding value to the ordinary.


Successful Entrepreneur’s are driven beyond just getting a paycheck, they’re seeking a goal to reach a vision. A vision that may not have all the answers laid out in front of them to start, but develope’s over time.


Many Entrepreneur’s face frustration because the answer doesn’t come quicker, but are still driven in their quest. They have a reason, an inner intuition that it will work.


Thomas Edison failed more times that he succeeded with inventing the light bulb. When asked about his “failures”, he said “I have gotten lots of results! I know several thousands things that won’t work!” He didn’t see his attempts as failures, he saw his attempts as results.


Failure Is Just The “Process Of Elimination” In Finding A Successful Solution.


Based on your vision, a failure was only a successful way of finding ways something didn’t work. If you accurately document your work, then you’ll not repeat ways that didn’t work.


Is Your Vision Written Down, or Is It Constantly Changing?


There’s nothing wrong with updating and tweaking your vision, but if you can’t clearly describe it, then you’ll never know when you reach it.


There’s a book worth getting called The One Page Business Plan. It guides you using simple steps to define your goals, write them down so that those that are following you, perhaps within your business, can stay focused together with you, and then you all have the same common goal.


Start with a proven foundation, and build from there. Add value to something, and it will grow your following. Benefit others and your following will grow.


Terry Dean in his Monthly Mentor Club talks about how to build your Business Blueprint. In fact, he goes into so much detail it takes 2 of his monthly newsletters just to cover the basics. As usual, Terry Dean covers so much in his newsletters that it takes at least 2 months to define how to get more successful.


In The Freedom Business Blueprint article for September and October, Terry covers 8 categories that you can use to develop a business plan that define principles towards a successful Entrepreneurship, both online and a brick and mortar business.


These are steps his clients pay for, and he charges a consulting fee for, but he’s again offering them in his Monthly Mentor Club newsletter for a fraction of a consultation rate.


The 8 Categories he goes into depth in the newsletters are:

  • Ideal Client Segments
  • Unique Value
  • Traffic Channels
  • Conversion Funnels
  • List Health
  • Promotions
  • Personal Review
  • Team Review


I can’t go into the details here for obvious reasons, but by becoming a member of his Monthly Mentor Club, you’ll not only get access to these 2 months packed full of tips and strategies on developing a successful business plan, but also back issues where he goes into depth on each of these.


I still don’t know why he gives so much away for so little, but being a successful Entrepreneur himself, he practices what he preaches, buy Benefiting Others, Adding Value, and Helping Others become successful, That’s just Terry.


You Get a FULL 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Learn More About The Monthly Mentor Club Here






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InfoMarketing Millionaire Insights

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Terry Dean’s Monthly Mentor Club Highlights


The May 2018 newsletter of Terry Dean’s Monthly Mentor Club is about finding ideas to become a successful info-marketing online entrepreneur, even if you don’t have a product or service yet.


People learn different ways. Some like Audio better, others learn faster from Video, while others retain longer from Reading. You have to be prepared to deliver in all forms, to keep more people learning, and coming back.


Found within Terry’s membership site are back issues so you can always find nuggets you missed before you joined. Terry always takes care of those hungry to learn.


You can get the full issue and every detail he covers by subscribing plus get loads of great online marketing skills within Terry Deans’ Membership.


What You Can Learn From Terry’s Monthly Newsletter This Month


Below is a short list of some of the tips you need to succeed. You will get the full list for his 23-page newsletter by subscribing, and get the answers inside his May 2018 newsletter:

  • If you don’t even have a product to sell, what can you offer
  • What do most people want
  • What are 2 sales you have to make
  • Learn from the Biggest Lessons Terry learned about an internet business over his 22 years
  • One of the quickest ways to have a successful product is…
  • How can you grow one product, into the next, into the next… to have a large, back end continuity plan that keeps the money rolling in
  • Mistakes he made over and over, for you to learn from
  • Hey, What’s the BIG idea
  • What can you burn into someone’s mind they won’t ever forget, so they can link that to your whole story to remember
  • 7 Sample Big ideas you can steal
  • Give them a fish, or Teach them to fish. Which should YOU do
  • Here’s how you can add value to any offer, B2B or B2C
  • Legal methods used to create niches from others peoples already winning content
  • Create THIS before you create your first product
  • Excellent example of a 5-step checklist to create better Facebook ads
  • WordPress tools to make a membership site
  • Secrets to get customers to Implement your advice


You Can Join Terry’s Monthly Mentor Club here.

Terry Dean's Monthly Mentor Club contains nuggets of Gold to help entrepreneurs succeed in their business drive



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