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My Job Is Making Your Job Easier!

Glenn Livingston


Who is Dr. Glenn Livingston, and Why Is He So Successful?


Glenn Livingston, Ph.D., is a psychologist by training, but spent most of his career as a marketing consultant and coach and… He not only built a 65 person practice in record time, but his companies have sold over $30,000,000 worth of services to Fortune 500 firms. (You may have heard him on ABC or CBS radio, seen him on TV, or read about him in The New York Times, The New York Daily News, and/or Crain’s NY Business)


One of Glenn’s strength’s is knowing how to succeed, and learned the power of a Joint Venture. A Joint Venture is where you team up with others to achieve a common goal, where everyone has a part to play, usually everyone’s plays to their own strengths.

When you know your strength’s, you can achieve them much quicker than others, but each plays a role in building on each others strengths, thus reaching that goal becomes quicker and more profitable.

Glenn developed a series about this principle, called Joint Series Fast Track. The name itself implies reaching that common goal quickly and successfully, with others pulling together.

Learn more about his teaching and how to get on the Joint Venture Fast Track, and how you can reach your goals quickly and have success too.