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Joint Ventures Fast Track


You Can Use These Tested and Proven JV Principles to Build YOUR Business Even If You’re Unknown in Your Industry, Have NO List, and Don’t Have Enough Money to Buy A Burger At Your Favorite Burger Joint


And do you know what the BEST thing is about JV’s, Most of them are “Evergreen.” They produce income year after year after year!


By Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

Making ANY money at all in joint ventures was frighteningly difficult the first few years I tried! But NONE of the books, tapes, or courses I took came anywhere close to preparing me for the battlefield I encountered. There were key components and principles missing which I should NEVER have been making deals without…


Sure, these were a great learning experience, and it felt wonderful to have some cash in my pocket when they were over… but in the end, I wasn’t really BUILDING anything. And when you start to get older, you really can’t keep screwing around with your career like a teenager. You NEED to build a business you can rely on…

Joint Ventures Fast Track to combine resources to accomplish a common goal, a legal organization that takes the form of a short term partnership

Glenn Livingstons Joint Venture Fast Track

I guess what I’m saying is, I learned these principles the HARD WAY, but you don’t have to…


I Can Show You How to Create Highly Profitable, Long-Lasting JV Relationships So You Can Build Your Business Faster, with Less Risk—AND—Virtually NO Money, Contacts, Salesmanship Skills…Even with NO List!


Let’s talk about why joint ventures are SO important for your business. Every business!  You see, joint ventures done right allow you to build your business much FASTER, with LESS Risk, and with ALMOST NO MONEY

Teaching marketing research to direct response marketers was—and still is—a VERY specialized and difficult audience to reach!… So I turned to joint ventures with seminar promoters. They’d already gathered large lists of business owners proven to spend money on direct response education.

These joint ventures helped me sell more than $1,000,000 of the very first research product I launched.(Later, the traffic I produced from joint ventures to the second evolution of this system—my “Hyper Responsive Marketing Club”—resulted in a six figure passive income for years on end!)


Eight Principles
You Must Understand In Order to Create Profitable,
Long Term Joint Ventures …

  1. Select the right joint venture type for the right deal and use it at the right time in your business.
  2. How to find suitable JV partners…
  3. How to approach them for a respectful and enthusiastic reply…
  4. How to get your partners to trust and appreciate you…
  5. How to pitch your JV deal…
  6. The standard terms, profit splits, conditions and exit clauses in a JV deal…
  7. How to put it all together and launch a successful campaign…
  8. How to make one-time JV deals into ‘Evergreen’ fountains which produce leads and income continuously…


Learn More About The 8 Principles Of Joint Ventures Here, Perhaps The Most Rewarding and Most Challenging Arrangements, to Accomplish a Business Related Task.


Successful Business Owners Reveal the Evergreen Joint Venture Principles They Use to Quickly Add Buyers to Their Lists — and Cash to Their Bank Accounts!


Over $250,000 Selling Little $10 eBooks & Audios

 And that’s just the start. Some of the little niches he went into include:

  • How to care for pet guinea pigs, rabbits, frogs, and goats (he sold over $250,000 worth of e-books and audios–each one for under $10–that’s a lot of piggy books!)
  • Reading body language (another $100K–$14.95 at a time)
  • How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles (he built a whole company around this one with a partner, it quickly had 100,000+ subscribers!)
  • And a whole range of other issues, like dealing with radon problems, waste water management, etc


What’s Included In The Training

  • 6 hours of video and audio training
  • Joint Venture Fast Track
  • JV Partners Quality Score Excel Sheet
  • Immediate downloadable files in a variety of formats
  • Ridiculously low price


3 JV BONUSES You Don’t Want To Miss

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Bonus #2: Creating Products Through Joint Ventures
Bonus #3: Outsourcing JV’s and More – Interview With Jack Born


Learn More About The Joint Ventures Fast Track Here, The Most Rewarding Type of Business Partnership.

joint ventures to combine resources to accomplish a common goal, a legal organization that takes the form of a short term partnership