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Looking Over Perrys Shoulder Email Training


Now Available, Perrys ‘Look Over Perrys Shoulder Email Training’, The World’s Most Intimate Marketing Medium


You’ll absorb more secrets of persuasive email copywriting in these fast-paced sessions than you’ve picked up from stacks of books and multi-thousand dollar courses.


A close, personal, emotional bond with people via email is one of the most powerful assets you can ever own. Period.


Perry proved it at a session he taught. He asked the crowd what they wanted to know about.


Brittany, a 25-year old entrepreneur said, “I LOVE reading your emails. I want to SEE you write an email. Like the whole thing, from beginning to end”


So Perry plugged his computer into the projector, opened a text editor and started firing questions at her. As she answered them, everyone watched that email grow from conception to birth, one word at a time.


They heard every question and impulse, every crazy idea that tumbled out of his brain in the process, everything that got swept off the table. Watched every word on the screen. Then they watched him edit, clean up, sharpen, polish and hone.


When Perry was done he popped a copy to Brittany. She sent it out and filled her offer to capacity. And the next person in the room was eager to watch him do it again, for them.


Hour for hour and dollar for dollar, every person in the room paid something like $1,000 to $2,000 to watch the magic.


Makes sense too, cuz they saw stuff he’d never discussed in any coaching program, course, seminar or ebook. In fact the only other people who’ve ever seen this is a handful of folks who’ve come to 4-Man Intensives and used their time to have him write copy.


So he did it again. But on a webinar, live, in front of hundreds of attendees. He wrote without advanced notice or preparation for three attendees. You can see and hear the questions he ask them, then watch the persuasion magic happen. You get access to all three session, both audio and video.


You’ll see all the tools and techniques he used along the way, and witness how an ugly gray hunk of play-doh becomes a finely sculptured work of art. Each session will run about an hour and a half.


There’s only one catch…


Learn More About Look Over Perry’s Shoulder Email Training (LOPS) Here