How To Discover Your Natural Talents and Gifts, and Find A Job Title That Matches Your Skills
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Discover your natural talents, gifts and abilities and learn how to express them and find job titles that match







You Have Probably Been Asking At Least One Of The Following Questions:

  • What are my Talents?
  • How do I discover my Gifts and Abilities?
  • Do I even have any Talents or Gifts?
  • What is the process of discovering my Talents?

Watch these videos below to see how it works, and how you too can benefit from it.

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Step 1. Discovering Your Natural Talents

Step 2. Find Job Titles That Match Your Natural Talents

At the end of my course, students will be able to:

  • To express with confidence your Natural Talents and Abilities
  • Have confidence when expressing your Abilities without sounding like you’re bragging or making something up
  • Use your newly discovered descriptions about yourself on Applications, in Interviews, and fine-tune your Speeches


Who should take this course? Who should not?

  • Anyone who is still wondering ‘What is my purpose in life?’
  • Anyone asking ‘How to discover my talent’
  • If you’re wondering if you even have a Talent or Purpose
  • You probably won’t benefit from this course if you already know what you’re best at and are already doing it


What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Participation is Required. This is not just a listen and learn class. If you don’t have 1-3 weeks to just listen to yourself and take notes from ideas that come to you, you’re probably too busy to benefit from this class for now
  • You’ll need to understand a Talent is not a Skill. We will be searching for your interests that come Naturally, not skills learned in a class or thru teaching
  • If you have Microsoft Excel for Windows, or something that can run that, I offer a tool I created as a Bonus with this course. This is NOT A REQUIREMENT, but only helps speed up your process once you have developed a list near the end of the teaching


I have good news for you!

No Tests, No Quiz’s, You Can’t Fail.

It’s customized around you, not forcing You to fit into a mold.

It’s based on your input, not preset categories.

Won’t try to put a label on you, or fit you into a box.

You’re not too old to finally learn them, and everyone has a Talent, so let’s discover yours.

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How many people go to college and don’t select a major because they don’t have focus, they’re still wondering. That’s 2 years of wandering thru life, spending lots of money because they tell you to not focus yet, (just spend thousands of dollars here for 2 years) until you know what you know what you want to do.

In life, you have already applied your Talents and Abilities whether you know it or not. But can you put your talent into words? Can you describe what you are best at in 1-2 sentences, instantly, right now? If not, you are probably still guessing at what your Natural Talents are.

If you can confidently describe what your Natural Talents are without stumbling or guessing, then this method is not for you. But if you’ve wondered what your Natural Gifts are, then keep reading.

This method is designed to help you discover your Natural Talents and Abilities, ‘Put them into Words’ so that you can go forward with focus to apply your gifts in your career and life. Not just to know what they are, but to open doors and also help others with your Natural Talents and Gifts.

As You are doing this, You will become an Artist, a Sculptor you will be painting, sculpting, forming the Real You. The image will not be blurry like its been in the past, You will ‘Finally’ know, and be able to put Your Own Label on What Your Talent is. I Guarantee it!

I was tired, tired of searching for what my purpose was, tired of going in circles, what I should focus on. I had many abilities, but where should I direct my energy. If I could find what I was meant to do, what role I could be the best at, then I could build on that instead of only searching for it, starting something only to get distracted when the next shiny object, or the next latest sales pitch caught my emotional buying trigger.

I wanted to be able to repeat this process if needed, and I hate coming up with an answer, and not be able to prove it. So if I lay a foundation that is solid, and present it in simple, baby-steps so that anyone can follow it and get quality results, then I’ve done well. And that’s what I found out after going through this long, time consuming process, was develop a method that’s repeatable, reliable, and easy.

I was so happy with the results on what I discovered about my Natural Talents, that I wanted to make it available so that anyone could learn their Natural Talents and Gifts. It worked for me, so I made this step-by-step process that you can follow and Discover Your Natural Talents, Gifts, and Abilities also.

Knowing how to describe my talents, could also help me find a job title that matched my natural talents and abilities. Finding a job title could lead me in the direction of doing something that I could excel at. Be better by doing something everyday I enjoy, not just have to be there.

But how can I link the two together, my natural talents and a job title? First I had to spend some time looking inside and discovering how to put words with my natural talents.

After I did that, I found a way to link a job description up with my talents, and after I saw how exact it worked. I made some videos to help others, because the feeling I got after all that came together, was a big relief, knowing I had an answer to my questions I had for so long.


Become a member and have Lifetime access to review the steps anytime you wish. Click here to Start Discovering Your Natural Talents, and more.