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My Job Is Making Your Job Easier!

New Renaissance Club


Who You Are and Where You’ll Be
Five Years From Now Will Be Determined by
The Tribe You Belong To.


When things are going down the tubes fast, you’re driving on fumes, and the only thing working is pulling your hair out with both hands, something is going to HAVE to work!


Do you feel others are succeeding more easily “by accident” than you could  “on purpose?”. Have you been diagnosed with a bad case of Analysis Paralysis Syndrome? What you need is some Fresh Minds with Fresh Ideas who thrive on having questions bounced off them.


No one does it all by themselves. To make any progress fast, you’ve got to have a way to ‘BOUNCE‘ ideas of other peoples heads. To do that, you have to be around other ‘like-minded‘ people. What good is it going to do you to be around people who only want to work for someone else. You’re An Entrepreneur, you’ve got to be around others like you to get past stagnation!



Blogs are handy, you can find them everywhere, and anyone can join them, BUT do you want just anyone giving you advice? Who knows where they’re coming from, and you know the old saying, “Free advice is worth what you Paid for it”.


Discussion Boards can be helpful too, but what you need is a Membership where everyone has a dog in the race. Know what that means? If you don’t have something invested in the matter, then you’re not serious about whats at stake. Joining a Paid Membership shows you’re serious, and not there to waste your money or time.


Perry Marshall’s New Renaissance Club Has the Like-Minded Entrepreneur Thinking Types Like YOU, That Have Been Where You’re At, and Can Help You Get Where You Want to Be.


Ok, that’s all good, but what’s in it for me?

  • You get Perry’s New Renaissance Club snail mail print newsletter
  • Once a month they do a LIVE treatment on some hot timely topic
  • They host live hangouts with Q&A from members
  • If you’re starting out you can get a complete marketing education just from the conversations in the forum
  • Every few months Perry also host a live call-in day
  • They also offer a very, very unusual “Memos from the Head Office” webinar each month
  • You also get access to Keith Krance’s Facebook University
  • And if you ever require more advanced training, New Renaissance Club members get discounts


Now having said all that, the LAST thing you need is an information dump.


You only need ONE or TWO things right at this moment. And chances are, what you need is right here. NOBODY expects you to use everything in New Renaissance Club and you should not feel guilty for taking a pass on 70% or 80% of it.


New Renaissance Club is The Place Where Struggling Marketers are Turned into 80/20 Business Black Belts


The 80/20 life is something like this:

  • You’re in the top 5% in your market.
  • You have enough leads. Enough deal flow. You have a customer waiting list.
  • You’re in charge of your destiny.
  • You delete problem clients without remorse.
  • You make a strong six figure income, minimum.
  • You take one day off every week and you spend quality time with family and friends.
  • You don’t just have a Unique Selling Proposition. You have a Definitive Selling Proposition.


Perry has many hundreds of success stories, people who 5 years ago were just “ordinary” Renaissance Club members, and who now own micro-empires, people whose lives are prosperous, sane, flexible and profitable.


Lots of success stories in Planet Perry. Lots.


You should join New Renaissance Club if you want more time, freedom, and clarity.


They are there to help you. Every day for the last 15 years, they’ve worked with online marketers and entrepreneurs who are engaged in the same battle as you. (Through the online member’s forum, you’ll have the opportunity to meet many of them.)


You’re Not Alone Anymore


One thing you must know: Your current business is the result of your decisions and actions over the last few years. 80/20 is going to guide you in many ways that may sound strange or even like they’re NOT a shortcut.


Everyone at Planet Perry is 100% focused on helping you build the dream 80/20 business. They’re incentive is to help you grow. They cannot succeed unless you succeed.


Learn More About Perry’s New Renaissance Club Here