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Perry’s Roundtable


2018 may be the last year Perry Marshall provides 1-on-1 mentoring to Roundtable members, because of changing times & shifting priorities.


If you’ve been waiting for your chance…this is it.


There’s a TON of mastermind groups. One every corner. In fact if you go to convenience store and pick up some milk this afternoon, chances are the clerk will ask you if you’d like to join a Mastermind for convenience store customers.


A whole bunch of mastermind groups are free. If you’re the type of person who belongs in Perry Marshall Roundtable 2.0, you’ve probably been invited to at least a few.


Successful membership Roundtable meetings have top name speakers, and Perrys Roundtable events attract some of the MOST influential names in the Business.


One thing that was taught there, is that MOST people should aim to build a LIFESTYLE BUSINESS. One that makes you the money you need to make and gives you the time and freedom to do the things you love to do.


Does your business provide the freedom, the flexibility, the cash, resources and connections you need to live your ideal, purposeful life?


In the last ten years, not only has Perry Marshall built a very good business and platform but he also adopted two kids from China, written five books, and launched a technology prize with judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT.


Three weeks ago, he was at Oxford meeting with world-class scientists, discussing coming revolutions in genomics, AI and quantum computing.


Perry has had many, many Roundtable and coaching members who have achieved levels of freedom and autonomy that very, very few attain.


Are you being held back by any of these reasons:

  • Are you spending time with the kind of people you want to spend time with?
  • Are you surrounded by the kinds of people you want to BE LIKE in five years?
  • Are you deliberately putting yourself in situations where you’re trying to be the “dumbest guy in the room”?
  • Are you surrounded by people who have ten times your mojo, who have scaled summits in some realm 10X or 100X beyond what you have – yet they earnestly care about you and your success as well?
  • And what about the advice you ARE getting?

Perry Marshalls collection of Roundtable members and alums is a who’s who of successful independent entrepreneurs. And for 2018, he’s shaking it up.


Perry started Roundtable in 2005. The format has always been 70-80% hot seats. Each member tells the group exactly what’s going on in their business. You get an insider’s view of a dozen businesses at every single meeting. After a year, you’ve built a case history of hundreds of situations and your “muscle memory” is armed with correct responses to hazards that derail most people.


But in 2018 he’s applying 80/20 to the hot seats. This will double the pace of Roundtable and he’s adding additional80/20s:

  • He know some of the most fascinating people in the world. And he’s going to introduce you to them.
  • Curated Show & Tell. His members have epiphanies and discoveries, and he is carving out very specific time for those discoveries to be shared.
  • Deeper insights from Perry Marshall.
  • Curated hot seats so that the larger group sees the 20% most interesting and challenging situations. Still, everybody gets a full hot seat at every meeting in smaller-group format with appropriate guidance.
  • Individual TLC from Perry, the group leader.


A key difference between Roundtable and almost everywhere else is that in most mastermind groups, nobody ever takes their gladiator suit off.


Often the meeting organizer is working to disguise the fact that 1/3 of the people in the room don’t even have a real business or are still trying to decide what they’re going to do when they grow up.


You will find a distinct lack of pressure in Roundtable to be or appear a certain way.


Perry can’t promise that personal mentoring and coaching will continue to be available after 2018.


But in a conversation with Ed Rush the other day, Ed pointed out: “Perry, your life is running in very different directions than it did before. Your Evolution 2.0 project is heating up big-time and you’re offering $5 million to solve the biggest question in all biology.


“You’re spending a third of your time with scientists across the globe, you’re working with many leaders who shape our very culture; you’re meeting with and mentoring billionaires, and you’re taking equity in companies.


Because the real freedom and money is in re-inventing businesses… developing symbiotic relationships… the positioning that happens before you do advertising and publicity… in networks that build moats around your virtual castle.


Perry can assure you that if you get accepted into Roundtable in 2018, you’ll be coached and mentored personally by him, and you’ll get the level of TLC that members of Roundtable have always received. He can’t guarantee that you’ll receive that in 2019 unless 1) you’re willing to give him equity stake in your company, and 2) your firm is a company that qualifies for Private Equity Group in the first place.


Every Single Roundtable 2.0 Meeting will Come with a Surprise


Learn More About Perry Marshall’s Roundtable 2.0 Here