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Ultimate Guide To Funnel Optimization – Part 1


Terry Dean’s Monthly Mentor Club Highlights


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Terry Dean’s focus this month is on Understanding The Marketing Funnel, and How To Improve Yours. See below some of the Top Tips I learned from this month’s newsletter he sends to his members.


The basic function of a Funnel is a device, a tool, to capture a large volume and re-direct it towards a desired location.


My first thoughts was changing the oil in my car. Once the oil is drained, its time to pour in the new oil. Not just a quart, but a full required amount, and I want to get it done quick and clean.


So a Funnel will let me accomplish both, quick and clean. Pour in large amounts and direct it into that little hole, fast, and not all over my driveway.


Same thoughts with Online Marketing. I want large volumes of buyers, keep them from being side-tracked, focus them towards the goal, buy, and maybe even purchase an upsell along the way, with no buyers getting spilled on the driveway, but all going where the funnel is pointing them.


Just like an oil funnel has different features, so does a Marketing Funnel.


An oil funnel has a large receiver at the top so you ‘hopefully’ can just dump a quart in there without being too careful. It directs that volume into a smaller  tube that must be smaller than the tube in your vehicle so it can fit inside it without holding it.


Someone did some research, to know what is a standard size tube in a car, so the funnel will work every time. No guess work here, get it right, or your entire supply of funnels now become returns and no sales.


Same way with Online Marketing. Without the right bait, no one even gets near the funnel opening. If the bait isn’t tempting enough, it will never be desired.


If only 5% take the bait, then 95% who saw the offer left, for good, never to return. So 5% made it into your funnel. Did you do your research to learn what size the cars’ oil tube was? If not, then 50% of that oil is going on your driveway because you made the funnel too big where its supposed to go ‘inside’ the tube, and your’s only sets on top of it since its too big.


That 5% of visitors to your sales page, is now down to 2.5% or less because you got them side-tracked by offering other things on your sales page. Your call-to-action button is too small, wrong color and got lost or was never found because its all the way down at the bottom of your page, and your sales copy was so boring the reader left never seeing the button. So now your down to 1% if that much.


The goal is to keep them flowing directly towards the BUY NOW Button, then the CHECK OUT NOW button, and onward to the Enter Your Credit Card Number option. You don’t want your customer-to-be spilling out all over the Internet Floor, (Missing the Oil tube) leaving only to find your competitor.


What You Can Learn From Terry’s Monthly Newsletters


Below is a short list of some of the issues you may face. You will get the full list for his 19-page newsletter by subscribing, and get the answers inside his June 2018 newsletter:


  • 2 Huge Mistakes Keeping You From Building Momentum
  • The Basics (and more) of Optimizing  a Marketing Funnel
  • The BEST Time To Offer Something More is ________
  • Learn The Steps In A Funnel, and How To Maximize Them
  • What Is YOUR Avatar, and How You Can Refine and Optimize It
  • LONG List of How To Optimized Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • How To Compare Facebook to Google Ads
  • How To Optimize a Squeeze Page
  • How To Optimize a Lead Magnet, ANOTHER LONG Lists Tips
  • How To Transition From a Lead Magnet To A Sale
  • How To Optimize Your Initial Product Offer.
  • What Is The Most Important Element To An Online Business
  • What Is The NEXT Most Important Element
  • Another HUGE List For Risk Free Solutions
  • The 5 Stages of Market Sophistication
  • Another LONG List of Headlines for the 5 Stages
  • How Listening To The News Can Help Your Headlines
  • Four Types Of Videos
  • Again, Another LONG List of Tips For Sales Pages with Videos
  • Which Speed Bumps Do You Have On Your Sales Page
  • Sales Page Conversion Improvements
  • Long List To Improve Sales Pages


You Can Join Terry’s Monthly Mentor Club here.