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Work From Home and Make Money Online, A Marketing View Point



Most of us have the dream to find the best work from home jobs and want to know how to make money online, but don’t know which path to take.


Do we stuff envelopes, look for data entry work, work from home with a computer?


If you’re a stay at home mom, or working from home with toddlers, you know the choices are limited.


We wonder if there are legitimate work at home jobs, and the answer is yes, but much of the confusion comes from not knowing steps to take, or what to sell or service to offer.


The Entrepreneur Lifestyle can have tough times, getting deeply in debt and wanting to give up, but there are benefits from being in desperation if you don’t give up, which is where most people fail.


Learning how to research a market before you start will give you some direction and foundation before you start.


From a marketing viewpoint, you need to create your own niche, a USP (Unique Selling Proposition).


What will make you stand out over thousands of others
selling or doing the exact same thing
when you work from home?


So research who you think will be your top 10 competitors, learn what they’re offering, what they’re giving away to get followers, and what they’re doing to go the extra mile.


This is called the ‘Price of Entry’. This is what you’ll have to do just to compete in that market, but now you’ll have to go 1 mile further to be unique, 1 mile further to gain the trust of new visitors to join your newsletter, and trust you enough to give you their e-mail address.


The question is, are you willing to go that far to be a successful online Entrepreneur working from home?


60 Minute Copy Cure


One of the best ways to make money online is to have your own website. Having your own site allows you to control the content, the way it reads, flows and looks.


The content (words on page) must capture your visitors attention to keep them there. Most of us can throw some words against a wall, but can we make them stick?


We must first start with a headline to capture a visitor’s attention to read further. After that, the content must be written well enough to keep them interested, or they’ll leave, never to return.


Top copywriters who make their living doing this don’t want
the formulas they use to get out, but they have.


So instead of starting from scratch, taking years to perfect, why not use some templates from proven copywriters, and fill in the blanks with the 60 Minute Copy Cure to match your market, your unique niche.


If you already have some content, great, this will make it that much easier because you’ll have your unique wording to fill in the blanks.


Getting successful sales copy to work involves learning, testing, and more testing. All of that takes time. How much time do you want to spend doing all that?


Wouldn’t you rather start with some successful, proven templates?


After using these you will start seeing a pattern, a method, a formula to use and build from there. But until then you’ll have in place some proven running pages to start making money online immediately.


So if you’re asking how can I start making money at home, this is the best starting point.



Authority X-Factor


Once you have some content up you can fine-tune it to help others who are trying to find what jobs can be done from home.


Stand out from the competition and attract a hungry buying audience. Your focus can be to help others and make your own business grow by providing useful, beneficial content. Using a proven three-step formula you can: 1) Attract premium clients 2) Discover your market niche and 3) Sell at premium prices.


Online marketing is not easy. Many want-to-be gurus will tell you it is just to sell their stuff, but it’s hard work, there is no one-size-fits-all to being a successful online entrepreneur, don’t be fooled.


But if you have the right tools, just like a finishing carpenter doesn’t use a jackhammer or a roofing nail gun to finish some high class kitchen cabinetry, you can use tools already proven from experts that have developed these tools to succeed also.


If you are trying to sell your products or services online,
you’re already doing it wrong.


There is a secret ingredient to make money from home online called the Authority X-Factor. A proven way to attract premium clients, disqualify your competition, and make you the only obvious choice in your market.


Use this secret recipe formula to influence and persuade.


Everyone likes a formula, a proven step-by-step guide to follow. Any method that works can provide a way for others to succeed by leaving breadcrumbs to follow.


It’s simple when you follow this three-step formula provided in the X-Factor:

  • Module 1: Attract Premium Clients, Disqualify the Competition
  • Module 2: Discover Your Authority, Find Those Hungry For Your Niche
  • Module 3: Demonstrate Your Authority, Sell At Premium Prices


Add the X-Factor toolkit to your online toolbox today.



Autoresponder Alchemy


The strength of entrepreneurship is knowing the flow. First find a niche >> Then own the niche >> Then expand your niche >> and develop a long-term relationship with your followers that listen to your teaching.


Ways to make extra money from home include helping others to succeed. Before you can help them, they need to trust you. To trust you, you need to prove yourself as someone they can learn something from.


Providing useful, beneficial content that meets a need, answers a question, is always something desired.


When you get visitors to your site you only get one chance to convince them before they leave forever.


So how can you develop this long-term relationship with followers?


One method is staying in contact with them regularly through a series of e-mails. But we all are on a limited time constraint to write the same steps to follow each time someone wants to learn from you.


So the next best thing we can do is use an Autoresponder method.


Write an e-mail once, and it gets sent out as soon as someone says they want to learn more and signs up for your newsletter or just to stay in contact with you. Write a series of e-mails, and they get sent out as a series, in a timely manner that you define.


Autoresponders are an excellent tool to use making money on the Internet. Because once they are written, your followers, new members get them in the order and time you set up.


Autoresponder Alchemy is a series of proven templates you model your personalized e-mails after that speak uniquely to your e-mail list.


The money is in your e-mail list.


Build a list of personalized training, stories of success and offer your training as a service or product.


Autoresponder Alchemy is an Internet Tool for your online toolbox to build a follow-up series that keeps in touch with your followers and provides the opportunity to make money from home online.



Internet Lifestyle Retirement System


The Internet Lifestyle as you’ve seen covers many areas for anyone wishing to work from home using a computer.


So far you’ve seen how important it is to capture a visitor’s attention and good copy writing, developing interesting helpful material that solves a problem.


Writing good headlines to catch their attention when they first arrive and get them to read more.


Find a niche that you’re good at, become the expert of that niche,
so when others think of that niche, they think of you.


Using proven formulas and templates to get started fast on your road to success working online living the Internet lifestyle.


Earning a consistent monthly income working from home can be exciting. Becoming an online entrepreneur means having a toolbox full of online tools, as well as knowing how to use them.


Now imagine having a garage full of tools, with the instructions how to use them.  Step-by-step, video packed training guides, and downloadable material to keep those online tools sharp.


Training you can access 24/7, learn at your own pace, with lifetime access, and a 30 day money back guarantee.


This comes from someone who knows what hurting for income feels like. Terry Dean delivered pizza’s for $8 an hour back when he first started learning about working from home online, now he teaches million dollar businesses how to grow even bigger.


His Internet lifestyle retirement training system is a complete A-Z, step-by-step process with 8 different modules, and hours and hours of videos and training material, and resources to take you from any point you’re currently add to a successful online entrepreneur.


Terry even includes a free quick-reference guide which I created.  You can use this to quickly find his most important steps fast, and what page they are on and in which module. All eight modules are designed to take you through each and every step you need to create a consistent monthly income online, regardless of what happens in your life, work or business.


2 payment options are available, so it fits anyone’s budget. Start your online entrepreneur lifestyle today with Terry’s Internet Lifestyle Retirement System.



Monthly Mentor Club


Now imagine getting fresh, monthly tips from Terry Dean. These are ideas he gives his million-dollar clients who hire his consulting services. He doesn’t limit his online marketing ideas to just them however, he includes them into his monthly newsletters.


This is not some 4-page flash in the pan, the average number of pages is 20, and sometimes he continues the same subject onto the next month. That’s now 40 pages full of detailed step-by-step training from his over 22 years of online marketing experience.




You get instant access to his library of other work from home training material. Terry has packed this entrepreneurship candy store full of his best training tools, so you’re not just getting the newsletter, which in my opinion is more than enough, but you’re getting training that will fill in all the gaps between each major step you may already be applying.


Terry Dean’s Monthly Mentor Club is a virtual vault stocked with priceless training videos and material, past newsletters, and bonuses that would make any entrepreneur drool.


It’s a membership towards becoming an experienced entrepreneur, earning a regular monthly income online when you work from home.