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X-Factor Letter


Who Else Wants to Know My Proven X-Factor That Automatically Attracts Premium Clients Who Pay More Than You THINK You Can Charge?


Imagine this, enjoying the FREEDOM and CONFIDENCE that comes from having a growing email list, people eagerly awaiting your next offer, and more potential clients than you can personally handle?


Another Life-Altering, Freedom-Giving, Confidence-Building, Early-Retirement Teaching from Terry Dean, who has coached hundreds of six, seven, and even eight figure entrepreneurs to set-up lifestyle businesses in everything from consulting services to supplements to diapers. If there is a passionate, hungry market looking for something to buy, one of his clients has probably been there to profit from it, and you can too.


Terry’s even been called one of the grandfathers of internet marketing. If you’re in a competitive market struggling to grab attention, He’s probably helped a client just like you succeed there already.


The Only Difference is that He Stumbled Upon an X-Factor Close to 20 Years Ago That Determines the Success or Failure of EVERYTHING You Do Online!


If you offer products or services online, this X-Factor determines just how well you stand out from the competition and attract a hungry buying audience who see you as the only viable option.


Contrary to what you hear from the internet snake oil salesmen, online marketing is tough today.


There are 3 components to this formula. The first secret includes his tested and proven ‘magic words’ you can use in just a few minutes to multiply the results of anything you’re already doing online. But before we get to that, I have something else vital to share with you.


Online Marketing is NOT Easy… Get This ONE Factor Right…And Everything Else Falls Into Place

Ignore this factor…and you can invest months or even years into projects that never pay off.


Maybe you’re building an email list and sending out good valuable content to your list.  But how many of those prospects are turning into customers and clients?


As a consultant, you may be doing free discovery sessions or writing proposals for your prospects.  But again you find the majority of these don’t turn into paid assignments.


What If I Told You There Was a Secret to Turning All Of This Around…And It Could Be Done QUICKLY?


Instead of you wasting time trying to qualify yourself to prospects…you can attract prospects who are pre-qualified and ready to pay your premium fees upfront.


If you’re trying to ‘sell’ your products or services, you’re already doing it wrong.


Perhaps you’ve already tried to solve these problems on your own. If all you’re doing is putting more content on the web, hoping the right audience finds you, you’re wasting your time. But now you’re faced with the next big issue.  Your prospects are exposed to so many ads online that they mentally block out most of them just to make it through the day.


There is a SECRET Ingredient That Can Make ANY Of These Techniques
(and Dozens of Others) Work For You….
While the Majority Continue to Struggle In Obscurity.


He call’s this secret the “Authority X-Factor: The Proven Way to Attract Premium Clients, Disqualify the Competition, and Make You the Only Obvious Choice in Your Market.”


Why are someone people paid 100 times as much for the EXACT same effort? Is it because they’re 100 times smarter or more effective? Or is it because they’ve mastered this secret recipe to influence and persuasion?


You may respond that they’re celebrities.  That’s the point.  They became a celebrity by how they positioned themselves.


There are coffee businesses that position their establishment as an experience, not just coffee. Their consistent taste patrons come to expect takes their mind off the fact that it’s really just…coffee.


You can attract premium clients, dominate your market, and disqualify the competition.


It’s Simple When You Follow this 3 Step Formula

  • Module 1: The Proven Way to Attract Premium Clients, Disqualify the Competition, and Make You the Only Obvious Choice in Your Market.
  • Module 2: Discover Your Authority and Find a Tribe HUNGRY to Turn You Into a Rich and Profitable Celebrity.
  • Module 3: Demonstrate Your Authority to Attract Ideal Clients, Sell At Premium Prices, and Partner With Players


Are You Ready to Attract Premium Clients, Dominate Your Market, And Disqualify the Competition?


100% No Risk Guarantee, 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee



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